Frozen in time: analyzing molecular dynamics with time-resolved

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Biomolecules, Free Full-Text

Fluorescence Lifetime Techniques: TCSPC, FRET, TRES, SSTD and more

ZHAO Ziqing, Winston - NUS Chemistry

What is QCM-D?

2022 Top 10 Innovations, TS Digest

Time series transcriptome analysis implicates the circadian clock in the Drosophila melanogaster female's response to sex peptide

Time-resolved cryo-EM visualizes ribosomal translocation with EF-G and GTP

Operando time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy reveals the chemical nature enabling highly selective CO2 reduction

Accelerated Molecular Simulation Using Deep Potential Workflow with NGC

Frontiers Molecular Dynamics to Predict Cryo-EM: Capturing Transitions and Short-Lived Conformational States of Biomolecules

Large Temperature‐Jump and Nanosecond Hyperquenching for Time‐Resolved Structural Studies - Cherepanov - 2023 - Chemistry–Methods - Wiley Online Library

Efficient Intersystem Crossing in the Tröger's Base Derived From 4‐Amino‐1,8‐naphthalimide and Application as a Potent Photodynamic Therapy Reagent - Zhao - 2020 - Chemistry – A European Journal - Wiley Online Library

Fluorescence Lifetime Techniques: TCSPC, FRET, TRES, SSTD and more

Accelerated Inference for Large Transformer Models Using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server