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Beta Tools (Article# 1082BM 160) Diagonal Cutting Nipper - BT 10820036A diagonal cutting nipper is a type of hand tool designed for cutting wires, cables, and other materials. They have a sharp, diagonal cutting edge, which allows you to make clean and precise cuts.

Beta Tools 1082BM 160-Diagonal Cutting Nippers- Bi-Material Handles

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Beta Tools

012031008 BETA - Kit: screwdrivers, Phillips,slot; EVOX; 8pcs.; BE1203E/D8

013704528 BETA - Hammer, fitter type; 280mm; Hammer face material: steel; 530g; BE1370FT-HS/28

Beta Tools

Beta Tools (Article# 910A-AS 5/8) 5/8 in, Hexagon Hand Socket, 6 Point 3/8 in Drive, Chrome-Plated - BT 9100286A hexagon hand socket is a type of socket wrench designed to fit onto the head of a hexagonal fastener, such as a bolt or nut, in order to tighten or loosen it. A hexagonal opening on one end that matches the shape of the hexagonal fastener. This ensures a secure fit and reduces the likelihood of stripping the fastener.

Beta Tools 009100286 910A-As Hexagon Hand Sockets - 0.62 in.

Beta Tools #C31 Mobile Tool Storage Work Station w/ 28-drawers and four-side access, PRODUCT FEATURES:, Twenty-eight drawers (588x367 mm) with ball

Beta Tools Mobile Workstation 28 Drawer C31

Fixed-Hook spanner wrench is a tool designed for turning fasteners with a set of pins or hooks that engage with the fastener's holes, notches. It

Beta Tools (Article# 99 22-28) 22-28 Fixed-Hook Spanner Wrench with Square Nose - BT 990022


Beta Tools 99/22-28 Hook Wrench, Square Nose, 22mm-28mm

Torxschraubenzieher-Set Beta Tools - Jetzt 28% Ersparnis

Beta Tools 928A/C12-12 Hexagon Sockets + 5 Acces. - 009280955 - David's Heavy Duty Tool Sales

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